I was born in South Africa but grew up in England where I gained a first class degree in fine art at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. In 2007 I travelled to the Northern Province of South Africa where I helped with research on two game reserves (Karongwe and Venetia-Limpopo).

My time in Africa inspired me to return to university to study wildlife conservation, where my passion for, and understanding of wildlife started to influence my work, which shifted from sculpture, installation and portraiture to wildlife.  Whilst studying for my bachelors degree I started to get to grips with identifying British plants, insects and birds ( a work in progress!); was lucky enough to get up close and personal with gannets, whilst helping to catch them to deploy tracking devices; and spent a summer in Northern Cyprus working on a turtle conervation project (see here)- a truly fantastic experience that has resulted in at least two paintings and will hopefully yield some more.  

Four years after my spur-of-the-moment trip to South Africa, I am now at Exeter University's Centre for Ecology and Conservation studying for a PhD in evolutionary ecology.  This has brought me fulll circle; I will soon be off to Africa again, this time to conduct my own research in the Kalahari, looking at the effects of social environment on ageing in the white-browed sparrow weaver (a small bird that lives in social groups). See the research group website here.  

I mainly paint wildlife though also on occasion enjoy working on landscapes and portraiture and am available to do commissions - just drop me a line, either via my contacts page or at emmamwood85@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  As a rough guide, prices for an A3 original painting or drawing start at £150.  Smaller works may cost less.  

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